Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday (9th October 2011)

It's a wonderful Sunday again, whilst my dad still recovering from his minor fracture. It's been a week since we've missed church and it was a Holy Communion week!

This month onwards is a Mission Emphasize week where all mission works are being encouraged to the congregation to come out of their comfort zone. We are privilege to have Rev. Bess Graham from Christian Fellowship Word Ministries, Louisiana and her team all over the States to share with us what it takes to come out from our comfort zone and who's rock are we standing on? Jesus!!!

Worship team has arranged the below this morning:-

1) True Worshippers - Be Lifted High (Hosanna)

 2) Hillsong - I'm Not Ashamed

3) Hillsong - Mighty To Save

4) As Bread That Is Broken

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