Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday (23rd October 2011)

4th Sunday of October and today is an exclusive day for all missionaries from our church to share their faith in what they do. The below are the list:-
1) Sister to Bangalore & India with Rev. Bess Graham and team
2) The Twelve who went to Chiang Rai, Thailand (with a skit which is VERY impressive)
3) Sister to reached out to the Chinese Nationals students and also an outreach to Mainland China too
4) Brother with his family to serve in our local country for both Limited and Restricted Access community
5) Pastor shares what the church has done for Mission over the years to provide accountability of where mission pledges has been put into good Mission use.

The skit that was being performed today is as per below's video as reference. It was really really moving.

Worship team has arranged the below this morning:-

1) Chris Tomlin - Hello Love - Sing Sing Sing
2) Hillsong - God Is Able - Alive In Us
3) True Worshippers - Louder Than Life - Be Lifted High (Hosanna)
4) Chris Tomlin - See The Morning - Glory In The Highest

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