Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday (13th May 2012)

This morning we had the privilege of listening to Brother Damien & Sister May Chua as they minister to us. They were sharing "How to develop a good relationship within your family and the church". As we all know, God has to be placed first above all else. One thing that Bro Damien shared which I really love quoting:-

"Are we treating Christianity another form of religion? In which, are we using this as an insurance to buy our way into heaven?" -- This is a very serious question to most Christians by allowing them to ponder. Why?

Because what God wants (not need) is our intimate relationship with Him.

Worship team has arranged the below this morning:-
1) Hillsong - Mighty To Save - Adonai


2) Hillsong - A Beautiful Exchange - Forever Reign
3) Hillsong - This Is Our God - Healer
4) True Worshippers - Glory to Glory - Glory to Glory

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