Friday, January 01, 2016

Read Scripture - January 01 (@joinbibleproj)

Today, is a start of my new daily blog about my journey in reading the Bible for 2016. 

I hope my blog would serve as my personal Bible references to remember by when I need to come back in referencing His words. I do hope this works in taking up this challenge for myself. It's going to be tough, and I need a lot of prayers.

If you are interested, I guess it's not too late to join in. Moreover, I'm one day behind schedule. I was facing a major struggle even before I start. I was praying so hard to make it happened, but somehow the distraction was even greater when I have already set my mine and determine to start at that particular moment in reading the Bible. Heck, the Bible was right in front of me, and I can do a bunch of stuff just to not open the Bible at all. Spiritual Warfare is not a joke!

Without further ado, let's begin (I've watched the video after reading):

Genesis 1-3
Whoa! I was amazed how much information I've read. It's like, there's this hunger machine inside you that builds up and drives you into wanting to know more about that particular creation or formation. It's so deep and interesting how in 6 days, the Lord has formed the world with much details and depths. I'm ought to be ashamed that I didn't know He has done so much!

I've come to realisation that Man and land creatures were vegetarian in the beginning of time. The Lord commands Man to rule over them but not eat them. The Serpent too, is a creature from God, and it's not a creature out of no where, but it's a creature that wanted to lure men into disobeying God. That's were a series of Poem, in which it is the Lord's curse, over the Serpent, Woman and Man. This is the beginning of the Man's downfall.

Psalm 1
Now, this is interesting, a direct distinction between the blessed one and the wicked one being described metaphorically using a Tree. It is a fair warning since the very first chapter of Psalm. So far, this is great!

Videos to watch: 
Genesis: Read Scripture: Genesis Ch. 1-11
Psalms: Read Scripture Series: Psalms

Disclaimer: Picture Illustration taken from "The Bible Project"'s video.

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