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Read Scripture - January 02 (@joinbibleproj)

Yes! Day 2 and seriously, I'm really enjoying this. 

Genesis 4-7
The story of Cain & Abel, and God's second curse towards mankind. I remember vividly one Sunday, pastor once said that only God is able to curse and not men or any other creatures. Also, I did not remember reading the part where God confronted Cain's anger issue, which is, by giving in to sin. And we are ought to master it by controlling ourselves and never give in to sin! Lesson 101!

We are able to determine a genealogy of Adam's descendants and their age by the end of Chapter 5. Moreover, in Chapter 6, God's Spirit (aka Holy Spirit) will not contend with Man forever, for Man is mortal. Therefore, from the very beginning, God's plan was to be with Man for all the days of their lives (aka to be immortal) before the "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil" took away this eternal plans. So sad!

Subsequently, there were weird inter-marriages of Creatures and Men which causes a lot of sins and downfall which made God so sick in which He took a stand wiping off His own creation. This (the plan of creating man) was never meant to be like this. Hence, the flood took place. However, only one man, Noah has found favor in the eyes of the Lord. And the ever famous Noah's ark story proceeds.

One thing I have realized, the segregation of clean and unclean animal has been established before Leviticus 11 was taken place in the Book of Genesis itself. I'm currently reading the New International Version (NIV) Study Bible, and it was stated to be unknown on how early this law was established. Interesting!

Psalms 2
I must admit, the very first time I read it, it was really confusing. So I just look it up on the video that was posted, then only I re-read the chapter twice to further understand what this Psalm was trying to convey.

It is a warning for those who knows about the prophecy, in which the Messianic prophecy took place in the Book of 2 Samuel's, and how disrespectful the people (especially Kings & Rulers) are to try to conspire against the Anointed One.

Guess what, I've enjoyed it so much that I've created by own Memory Verse portion while I'm reading through the Bible!

Genesis 4:7
If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.

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