Sunday, August 17, 2008

Album that I'm listening to right now...

Hillsong - This is our God (2008)

Hillsong album for the year 2008. I've been listening to it for numerous times now in within these 3 weeks and it does really grow in me... Beautiful album... give it a try and let me know...

Here are the tracks:-
  1. "Your Name High"
  2. "Run"
  3. "Desert Song"
  4. "This Is Our God"
  5. "He Is Lord"
  6. "High and Lifted Up"
  7. "Stronger"
  8. "Healer"
  9. "You Are Here (The Same Power)"
  10. "You Deserve"
  11. "Across the Earth"
  12. "Where We Belong"
  13. "Sing to the Lord"
  14. "You'll Come"
  15. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
  16. "With Everything"

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