Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rent - 1996 Original Broadway Cast

The truth, I was actually listening to this album with no knowledge of what the album is gonna convey. I wasn't as updated as I am (as usual), however, when I knew about the existence of this album is only when Hollywood has agreed to film it on screen. By then it was back 2003 only.

Yaya... 1996 - 2003 it's equivalent to 7 years. Actually, I've not been missing anything at all. The songs whom Jonathan Larson wrote and composed begs out a message to those who has come to the edge of their lives and thinking of ending it. This is the album for you to regain your esteem, dignity and confidence level with LOVE around you. This album is teaching us how to love one another like how Jesus loves us. No matter what our backgrounds are, Jesus will never stop loving us. So, we are taught to love each other with no judgements towards each other.

This musical has it's uniqueness unlike the rest e.g. Sondheim, Webber or Schwartz that we have been listening and enjoying... It's lyrics spells out a struggling soul that yearns for love, care and attention which needed to be attended to.

For those who has not listen to it... give it a try. No harm at all, very conversational message for you to absorb. Listen to RENT with a compassion mindset, trust me, you'll be drawn into it in no time.

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