Monday, December 24, 2007

Gluttony during Christmas

We had turkey (which is supposed to consume during Thanksgiving), beef, lamb, baked potatoes, mushroom soup & self-made Mojito!!! I guess the pictures speak for themselves.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My birthday...

So many years passes by, and this is the birthday that I've enjoyed most. No cakes, no singing & no big hoo-haa about it.

In the morning, while I was working, I got scolded by my Team Leader for not doing things correctly. However, my phone did not stop as many are wishing me birthday wishes. (Mind you, I did not bragg about my birthday to everyone.) So, my little observant buddy came to realisation that it was my birthday indeed. So, in the afternoon, my team leader came to apologise and scolded me AGAIN for not taking leave... I was like... WHAT?! Hahahahah... it was a joke after all...
I had great dinner celebreation at "Venezia" (Italian Cuisine) located at Taman Segar, Cheras. [shop houses behind Leisure Mall]. Oooo... I like the ambience in there, it's cozy and comfy all at the same time. Food is a little pricy but it's GOOOOD....

So we had a family potrait in the restaurant itself... Kakakaka

Saturday, November 03, 2007

An outing trip with Kid's Kingdom

Well, after serving years in Kids' Kingdom, this is the first outing for the kids for the year 2007. My parents are back from China after my dad's kidney's transplant, I guess it's time to give it back to the Lord.

In this event, we are off to Aquaria, KLCC. Honestly speaking, I've not been there myself. I was assigned to 4 little rascals which is in my class and here they are:

My thoughts:

I've never realised that how much attention these kids needed. Although it was clear that this ministry was giving tuition to the needy whom some of them are not attending classes in school whereby their parents think that they have far greater responsibilities to take care of their siblings than going to school. How blessed are we? Let's not talk about Bachelors certificates, these kids don't even know what's ahead of them at all.

I used the word 'rascal' is because they gave me challenging times during the trip and one thing that I've observed is that they like your presence to be there when they see something new. Somehow, they tend to ask intelligent questions which I, myself couldn't answer. In the end, I had a wonderful time with them.

Last but not least, I sang the song "Kenangan Terindah" by Samson (Indonesian group) together with them while we were heading back home and until everyone sounds asleep.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yay! Finally I'm leaving the old for the new...

I landed my first job in a Telesales Department when I first joined a reputable Financial Institution. The experiences that I have gained in sales & services are really tremendously vast. To my knowledge, I thought I would be selling credit cards only but when it came to the year of 2006, we are diversidie products such as Credit Cards, Balance Transfers, Personal Loans etc... and our individual Scorecards/KPI targets are chasing the height of Mount Everest every month. (and if I'm really buying multiple shares/options, I really do wish that it fluctuates this way).

What I like about this institution is that I'm able to move around departments if I'm there for at least 2 years. When 2007 came, I've been trying really hard to submit all the "advertised" entries in our intranet. Trust me, a Telesales agents is never as salable as any employees in the eyes of the other respective departments, which I really have to humble myself to learn from the hard way up.

Finally, by the Grace of God during prayer and fasting, I have submitted an entry without getting my self prepared for the interview and what really shocks me during the session was when they were asking "How soon can your boss release you?" I was in awe. And I didn't even think I would be impressed with myself with the way I'm performing in the room.

Now, at the back of my mind, they sounded really desparate and I'm really worried that the new place I'm heading for... is it for the better? Let's wait and see... :o)