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Read Scripture - January 01, 2018 (@joinbibleproj)

Hello 2018, it is not an excuse for me to skipped Bible reading for the year 2017. Have I ever been disciplined in doing so after being a Christian for the past 20 odd years? Not even once. Did I ever successfully completed the Bible? Not at all.

So, here I am, attempting my countless tries to follow the Word with no excuse since the ReadScripture app is easily available via our electronic devices, in this time of age. So, I want to start the new year right, I will begin to start it right with the Lord.

Genesis 1-3
Chapter 1:
River that flow out of Eden divided into 4:
Land 1 - Havilah (River Pishon)
Land 2 - Cush (River Gihon)
Land 3 - East of Assyria (River Tigris)
Land 4 - (River Euphrates) [West Assyria?]

Chapter 2:
In the midst of Chapter 1, the sub-chapter for Chapter 1 is actually Chapter 2. The creation man and woman. God's ultimate creation is the being in His likeness. Which the purpose of how the story of man and woman leads back to who Jesus is.

Chapter 3:
The epic episode where God's ultimate creation has choose the route. All 3 of His creation were cursed by God. In such a heartbreak, God has to punish them by what seems to be a glorious creation was then brought forth the darkest of sin.

Eden was not the only thing that was forbidden but also the Tree of Life was being guarded by angels so that no one could ever go near it (in this context, find it).

Here we are, being introduced to sin on the 3rd chapter. The very first act of disobedience due to the temptation of wanting to be on par with God.

And this is God's first curse towards His creation. How sad this could be for Him when all He ever wanted is to enjoy His own creation with the glorious creation He has prepared for us.

Psalms 1
Woh... This is a solid introduction to Psalms. I will never thought that the Bible's poetry is as direct and powerful like a double edged sword. The righteous one will definitely be blessed by God and the wicked will be forgotten and will remain perished.
Our God is ever merciful, never forget His grace for us.
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