Sunday, September 16, 2012

NECF 40-Day Fast & Prayer 2012 -- Hope of Jubilee

I have started the 40 days prayer and fast, and this will be my diary. Here are some areas that we can "Tarry for 1 hour" on what to pray for.

Remember: The first step that you must take is to be able to enter into the realm of the spirit.
1) We worship and dwell in His Presence
2) We pray in tongues
3) We "listen" to the voice of the Holy Spirit
4) We intercede for others, the nations, church needs as the Spirit brings to your mind
5) We present our own petitions (requests)

Below are some prayer pointers too for the help during the fast:-
NECF Prayer pointers

1. Church - Revival
i) Hunger
ii) Holiness
iii) Unity

2. Nation - Transformation
i) Righteousness
ii) Justice
iii) Peace

3. Election - Integrity
i) Clean
ii) Fair
iii) Peaceful

Day 1 - Jubilee (No Fast)
Day 2 - Fresh Start (Fast)
Day 3 - Restoration (Fast)
Day 4 - Release (Fast)
Day 5 - Rest (Fast)
Day 6 - The Acceptable Year of the Lord (Fast)
Day 7 - Elijah (Fast)
Day 8 - Token or Tarrying Prayers (Fast)
Day 9 - Obedience (Fast)
Day 10 - Faith (Fast)
Day 11 - Justice (Fast)
Day 12 - Action (No Fast)
Day 13 - Hari Raya (No Fast)