Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

In the new year of 2008, the Lord has brought us through ups and downs ever since the end of the year 2006. I must say, the Lord Jesus Christ is really true in our lives as He hasts given us peace, patience, love and infinite grace and mercy to upon our family. From there on, our faith has never been deteriorate.

Alas, we are looking for our Chinese New Year celebration at home. Although I have to work on the eve as I'm one of the few locals in the department. The Lord bless us abundantly by His provision. Let's take a look and see.... Wahh..... nice lehh

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our yearly 1.6 gathering

Ever since our very first year in the Uni, we all had bad impression among ourselves. And so, we had our first gathering in Genting Highland at the end of our 1st Semester and the rest is history. Many of them aren't in Malaysia anymore but still we will make an attempt to meet up every year... AT LEAST....

Now that Choo Gim is back from Australia to celebrate Chinese New Year with her family, and so we took the opportunity to meet up with everyone and had a gathering at Subang Jaya's steamboat. It was a time of fun and laughter through-out the session..... no doubts about how close we are ever since our very first gathering back in 2005 at the Kelana Jaya Steamboat dinner session...