About Me

Hey there,

I'm just your average person who blogs about his daily walk with the Lord Jesus. This blog acts like a diary for me to reflect upon myself as a 20+ years Christian on how much I've grown with the Lord everyday. 

For one thing, I do have my ups and downs on a daily basis, nobody's perfect and try not to judge me because I'm really just a human with emotions. It is just like every other person who walks around you. And the things that I like... it could bore you to the core.

Oh yes, I do love to read, and I have another blog that solely talks about books I've read and some book reviews right here. Boring huh? LOL!!!

Pray-fully, the Lord will bless others through me in ways I cannot see through this blog.

How do I describe myself?
"A horrible introvert at first; A painfully extrovert once you get to know me."

God Bless

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