Sunday, November 04, 2018

My Battle With Psoriasis 02: Coal Tar Adventure Part 01

I guess I have to pick up where I left off...

Continuation from my previous post
It was after a month, my treatment with the strongest BVC given. My skin was flawless! It's like I've never had psoriasis in my life before. I was considering whether or not to even start wearing knee length shorts again. My confidence was back and I was all ready to show it off to the world that I have normal skin just like the rest of us.

Then again, I have to meet up with the doctor to see what was her comments and suggestions for my treatment. And this was what she said to me:

--Conversations Starts Here--

Doctor: Your skin looks so good already! Now, back to reality because you can't be on strong steroid cream for too long because we all know that steroid has their side effects and it will not do us any good for prolong treatments.

Me: Yes, doctor. (nodding vigorously)

Doctor: Shall we try coal tar this time? As I have mentioned it earlier.
(Back track a little, the coal tar that was suggested by her the previous round, she did not prescribed it into the prescription bill. Hence, it was their version by acting fast on the medicated treatment on the severity of my skin condition was back then.)

Me: Okay, I don't mind trying.

Doctor: It's gonna stink, and does your workplace accepts such stench in a working environment?

Me: I guess it should be alright.

Doctor: Alright then, we shall see you in a month's time.

--Conversations Ends Here--

I am now given with 3 bottles of medication. I didn't think it would be so heavy until I was carrying it back to my workplace. It is all topical creams and ointments. Mind you, the coal tar bottle has a strong smell and it's really oily. I wasn't expecting it so but then again is bearable.

This is how I was advised to put on all 3 of the topical creams and ointments by this order (after bath of course) - 2 times a day:

1st Layer: Aqueous Cream
2nd Layer: Coal Tar Ointment
3rd Layer: Betamethasone Valerate Cream [BVC] (Ratio 1:4)

Outcome (after a month)
Trust me, my psoriasis came back like a wave of uncontrolled disease. It is still a struggle for me to see such confidence being tarnished in this manner. I wasn't at all happy with the outcome but then again, I am reminding myself time and time again that this is only one of the many ways to treat psoriasis. Let's be patient! I meant it for myself.

So, I went back to see the doctor and have a few sets of my questions ready. Naive as it might sounds, I just want to know the immune in me, the psoriasis in me and the battle in me that's fighting it's way victoriously to find my ultimate treatment!

Next up... (Following post will still be on coal tar treatments... ha!)

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