Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Read Scripture - January 05 (@joinbibleproj)

We're still in the development of Abraham's story. There are so many fundamentals and basis to discover and learn from, which made it a core foundation of reading the Bible, I must say. Let's see.

Genesis 16-18

I was even more surprise that an Angel visited Hagar and told her that her descendants will be a a nation too great to count. However, in Chapter 16:12, there's this implication of a nation that seems to be very obvious in today's context. Then again, let's not jump into conclusion and assume what was told back then is a direct fulfillment of what's happening right now. It isn't fair to discuss it that way.

Here is it, the official changing of names for both Abraham and Sarah. Both names have their significance, that's why the Lord changes their name so that to signify what it really means. Back to the subject of Ishmael, the Lord confirms a second time with an assurance that his descendants will have a great nation too.

There were 3 men visited Abraham, 2 of which are angels of the Lord and 1 is the Lord Himself. Their visitation are in a form of men, it's not a metaphor and it's not a sign. This is a straight up visitation in a form of men. Abraham recognizes them in an instant, does this mean that most of how Abraham built the altar for the Lord, the Lord comes in this manner to speak to him?

For the Lord assured to Abraham that Sarah will be conceived even at the old age. Surprisingly, Sarah laugh it off and thought to herself that how can that be? The Lord reprimanded Sarah, and just because she was afraid, she lied once in front of the Lord that she did no such thing. The Lord once again assured to Sarah that she lied. Now this was intense! I didn't know reading the Bible can be so dramatic. This is what I'm talking about man!

Yes, the Lord wanted to wipe Sodom out. Abraham here pleads with the Lord numerous time, and God is so patient with Abraham, He listens to men when they plead, you can literally feel how God feels because He loves His people so so much!

Psalms 5

Now, when I read this, it has a total different feeling towards this prayer or song. The prayer of asking the Lord for attention. Listen to me, hear my voice... etc, to name a few. And then, the prayer goes on by seeking the Lord's protection and path because of the enemies King David is facing. At the very end, it's like a prayer of behalf for those who take refuge in the Lord. 

Still a very good reminder that sins cannot dwell in the Lord's presence. This is to reassure that the perfect goodness of our God.

Psalms 5:11-12
But let all who take refuge in you be glad; 
let them ever sing for joy. 
Spread your protection over them, 
that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

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