Thursday, January 07, 2016

Read Scripture - January 07 (@joinbibleproj)

As interesting as this might sound, there are moments of happiness and there are moments of sorrow. Somehow, this time, it kinda got me wondering whether God cries when He sees his creation has to go through death.

Genesis 22-24

Here we are, reading the iconic story of how Abraham was tested to sacrifice his son as told by God. Many references and metaphorical where Isaac serves as the Lamb of God, as to how Jesus is the representation of all mankind. No matter how much Abraham loves Isaac, Abraham will still obeys God's request. Is this how mankind should be in the first place? To obey God and to live in His name for all eternity!

A sadder tone where Sarah has passed away at the age of 127. Even when Abraham is trying to buy a cave from the Hittites, they were so kind and gracious to Abraham where Ephron was trying to give away that plot of land which contains the cave for Sarah's burial. However, Abraham did not take for granted and paid what the exact amount that Ephron has told Abraham.

I think I would leave this part for yourself to read on how Abraham is asking his chief servant to search for a wife for Isaac. The story is so beautifully written in the Bible, I rather you read it instead typing it out here which defeats the purpose. Trust me, God is involve this mysterious ways which made it even more romantic.

Psalms 7

David's confidence on the Lord whom will save him from agony of pain and fear even though he is praying/speaking to the supporter of King Saul -- Cush, in which he was fearful how King Saul is going to tear him apart.

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