Friday, January 08, 2016

Read Scripture - January 08 (@joinbibleproj)

It's been quite some time and it is no excuse for me to delay such an important date with the Lord. I've been so busy with work and I have to say, I literally took my rest above the Lord and neglected Him. Ashamed, so ashamed.

That being said, I have experienced 2 miracles in my life after reading the Bible. And it all happens on this very day. Day 08! I don't know where to begin but surely I'll get into more details right after this.

Genesis 25-28

Abraham took another wife named Keturah. It wasn't stated clearly whether or not she was taken in during Sarah was still around or after Sarah's death. They, too have descendants of their own. As Abraham sends all his kids away because all he wanted to do is to leave everything to Isaac. That being said, Abraham give gifts to his kids too. Abraham died at the age of 175 and both Isaac and Ishmael buried him.

Side track on Ishmael's side, he has 12 tribes of his own living near the borders of Egypt, however all 12 tribes were very hostile among each other.

Rebekah was barren. I was unaware the struggles that Isaac has to go through, and he prayed on behalf of Rebekah where she was completely healed. Both of them gave birth to twins named Esau and Jacob. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew!

(Bro Joseph Chean of YWAM Singapore illustrated why God would hate Esau more than Jacob even though Jacob was all the bad things anyone could mention. Esau sold his birthright, which was an eternal gift, for just a bowl of Lentil Stew (Dal), which was only a temporary hunger satisfaction. Men always forgo what God has to offer for something that is ONLY temporary on the face of this earth! -- 17th January 2016)

Esau marries both a Hittite and a Canaanite. Both Isaac and Rebekah were very upset and never to make the same mistake on Jacob ever again. Remember how Abraham ask his servant to swore to to allow Isaac to marry both the Hittite or a Canaanite.

Jacob deceived Isaac to get Esau's blessings. Now, Esau lost both his birthright and blessings, he was furious! Hence, Jacob flees to Laban (brother of Rebekah). By his action of fleeing to Laban because Rebekah felt disgusted in living with a Hittite. He was advised to marry anyone from Paddan Aram. When Esau came to terms that Isaac and Rebekah wasn't pleased with his marriages to both the Hittite and Canaanite, he goes to marries one of Ishmael's daughter for an addition.

Jacob had a dream at Bethel. The Lord promise him this land, where his descendants would be like the dust of the earth. Jacob named that placed Bethel and will promised to give tenth of what he has if the Lord has promised him all that has been declared.

Psalms 8

It is so beautiful of how God loves man no matter how wicked they are, He still put man as a dominion over all that the Lord has created. Yes, indeed how majestic is the Lord's name in all the earth!

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Disclaimer: Picture Illustration taken from "The Bible Project"'s video.

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